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Powder Coating Service in Chennai

Powder Coating Service in Chennai

Powder Coating Service in Chennai provides a huge demand by which the powder coating is used to apply to a finish product which will avoid the usage of solvent based paints by which it avoids the wastage of overspray, and any powder which is unused and which is fully recycled and used for the future purpose. Even though powder coating is a method which is applied to a finished metal by which it can be applied on ceramics, plastics and also wood. According to the research powder coating is the growing fast in the industry and with the environmental advantages with very good finishing products. And moreover Powder Coating Service in Chennai is the current trend and it is likely to continue in the future.

Types of Powder Coating

There are different types of Powder coating services in Chennai which are thermosets and thermoplastics. In Thermosets the process is as the powder bakes it gives reaction with chemicals in the powder polymer which increases the molecular weight in which is improved the performance properties. Another type of powder coating is thermoplastics it will not change its additional reaction, it simply flows out into the final coating of the product.

There are generally three types of power coating process

  • Pre treatment
  • Powder application
  • Curing

Powder coating services in Chennai are initially treated in the process of pre treatment is about to prepare the component or a part of it, and to any of the painting application, is prepared to give important in order to give the best finished product. Then next comes the powder application in which most of the method is electrostatic spraying via gun method. The last step is curing in which when the thermoset powders are exposed to the high increase in temperature, then they start to melt, flow out and then they react to form a polymer. This curing process is called cross linking.

Advantages of powder coating

It is environmentally friendly, cost effective, it finishes are tough which is flexible in making it harder to crack the chip, it gives 100% solid coating and there will be no waste produced from its outcome. The following are the disadvantages of powder coating services in Chennai are, it has very thin pin holes coatings, it can be very tricky on the sharp corners, for the colour matching and uniformity will be harder than the liquid paints.

Company Offers

Elite metal coating provides the excellent features to their clients by which all the above process gives clear information and guidelines and they provide the outcome by using the professional and gives the customer satisfaction for the powder metal coating services in Chennai which have provided by them.