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Wooden Powder Coatings

Our industry leading wood grain powder coating is our speciality and we are proud to offer the most life like wood grain colours. With use of special exterior grade pure polyester powders, we are able to give a longer warranty and a beautiful low maintenance sustainable alternative to wood, composite and vinyl. Our industry leading powder coatings are environmentally friendly so that you can feel assured that EMC truly offers a green product.


The wood finishes are obtained by applying a base with our powders, which are specially produce and are QUALICOAT approved and subsequently transferring the decorations suitable for outdoors result in a Qualideco approved top quality. Chemical resistance, relieving capacity, optimum finishes and a guarantee of durability, keeping both the colour and luster almost unchanged that result in the valorization of the final product.

  • Durablility :
    High resistance towards all atmospheric agents. It is an investment that will last for long time.
  • Saving :
    No maintenance. Only ordinary and normal cleaning.
  • Aesthetic value :
    True reproduction of the most precious woods(oak, nut, cherry, walnut etc.)
  • Environmental friendly :